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We are often asked about what kind of strategy we do. When we started, our bread and butter strategy was brand strategy. This reflected the needs of the time, and remains one of our offerings today. We help clients determine and clarify their “brand essence” and align this to the organisational vision, mission and values. We’re big on making sure values can be a real behaviour for the brand and not just nice words!

Following on from brand strategy came the need for communication strategy. Taking a single-minded brand idea and translating this into multiple messaging platforms for all areas of the business. Reputation Management is an important framework that we use when working with clients on communication strategies and we work with this thinking in our strategic approach together with a strong emphasis on the importance of storytelling and creating relevant content.

Marketing strategy development is something we do for various clients – providing a macro approach to internal and external marketing aligned closely to business imperatives and goals. These strategies tend to have a 3-5 year time frame and guide department in terms of key performance areas, resourcing needs and budget forecasting.

Stakeholder Engagement has been an area of increasing interest from clients, and we offer stakeholder mapping, prioritisation and engagement planning with measurements that align to global and local governance standards. We offer advise on stakeholder engagement with media, government and industry activists - and also develop Issue and Crisis Management strategies.

In the past few years, we have worked with many clients to help them develop Corporate Social Responsibility strategies that work both for the real need, but are also aligned to the business and can be shown to improve brand and reputation scores for companies. This has become a niche area where we have developed new approaches to bring the CSR and Brand Marketing people into a common sustainable headspace. We create policies, strategies and assist with identifying and supporting civil society engagement for clients, taking businesses beyond charity to sustainable partners in social change. Many of our projects include both CSI and Employee volunteering strategies.

Apart from organisational strategies, Adzone also offers personal strategic development strategy through Graeme Butchart who provides executive and life coaching as well as innovation and creativity training. Any change starts with the individual, and we do find that sometimes the barrier to implementing a great strategic plan is about first helping the individuals to embrace the new mindset – a new way of thinking.

Our overriding or underpinning thought in all our work is to be “sustainable” – sustainable in terms of being good for the planet, for people and for profit but also in terms of being strategies than can be realised, understood and implemented when they are delivered and in the future. Common sense thinking; clarity, commitment and completion – that’s what we strive for.

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