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Adzone works with a variety of recognised models and approaches in developing strategy – including some customized tools such as the CSI Scorecard for example. We advise and assist clients to be compliant champions in terms of local and international governance frameworks – particularly in terms of stakeholder engagement and corporate citizenship.


Strategy begins with a review of all relevant documents from the client, including business strategy and thinking. Adzone will look at a PESTEL situation analysis, communications and competitor reviews, industry analysis and may also undertake executive interviews, staff surveys and stakeholder perception audits to inform the strategic approach. This phase may also involve interviews with current communication agencies, creative teams, media audits.


Adzone is a firm believer that collaborative input is needed for workable strategies. Workshops allow people to engage with the thinking and guide the approach of implementation. It allows Adzone to understand the language of the organisation and gives added insight into the nuances of the organisation. Workshops include a sharing of the information uncovered in the discovery process, and are set up according to the strategic output, using modeled processes. They range from 4-5 hour sessions, to complete 2-day breakaway formats.


Following these phases, Adzone takes all the information, insight, ideas and thinking and formats this into an understandable strategic format. This is where analytical and creative processes are introduced and the strategy is created and benchmarked against best practice models and global governance guidelines. The output is usually a document of no more than 50 pages in accessible and easy to understand language.


Once the strategy has been approved, the final step is to ensure it’s understood, embraced and implemented. This takes on various forms - from employee engagement and change management programmes, to working with creative and communications agencies to develop campaigns, to assisting departments to engage with civil society or government stakeholders. Adzone also works with procurement managers to develop relevant terms of reference for implementation partners when this is needed. Adzone works with a great network of specialists who can be brought in on implementation.

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